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Monday, October 29, 2012

Eating out with your Veggie Tot

Eating out with a vegetarian can be challenging, especially when they only have 3 teeth!

But luckily Charleston, SC rocks and we have restaurants that cater to veggies and vegans.  One in particular is Puree' Organic Cafe.  Baby J ate here when she was still eating puree's and now has had her first finger food meal here!  All their food is organic and vegetarian with many vegan options and GOURMET!

Baby J chowed down on the vegan chikn strips which were gourmet breaded and tasted delicious.  They were soft enough that she could tear through them with her 3 teeth.  Our tot doesn't like food in bite sizes, so she ripped through them on her own.  It came with homemade honey mustard, which she didn't care for yet, even though it was delicious!  She also had chips.  But after eating her nuggets and smoothie, she didn't need the chips!

She washed it all down with an organic fruit smoothie! 

Eating out with a veggie tot doesn't have to be challenging.  Not everyone will have an organic cafe' to pop into, so just order your tot what you eat.  Be creative, look at sides and mix and match.  If you are in Charleston, Puree' is a must!

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