Raising a vegetarian toddler is easy and rewarding!

My baby is HEALTHY and HAPPY and I want to share some great Vegan and Vegetarian dishes that I serve!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tofutti Cutie

Baby J LOVES her tofu!  It's packed with protein and can be made to taste any way you like.

I buy the firm or extra firm sprouted ORGANIC tofu from Trader Joe's.  I like this because it's split into two packets, so you get more use out of one pack of tofu.  Little kids don't eat that much!

Next I drain, rinse and cut the tofu into little bite size cubes.  Perfect finger food size.  Then I saute them in sauces.  Baby J's favorite is teriyaki sauce!  yum!!

This dish was pair with steamed asparagus and fruit for desert.  I like to serve fruit to add that Vitamin C to help with the iron absorption.  The asparagus, I diced up to finger food size.  I choose to steam my vegetables, because that is how you keep in the most of the nutrients!
And Viola!  She has a healthy, nutritious and yummy dinner. 

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